Community Class Descriptions

Free Community Cooking Classes!

Beginner Community Class (Adult):
In this 6-week series (2 hours per session) is designed for everyone from teenagers to senior citizens and is perfect for all experience levels.  The primary focus is to define “healthy eating” and to help participants develop their cooking skills.  Each week includes approximately an hour of cooking (or a little more) and ends with sharing the meal prepared.  During mealtime, the participants discuss key concepts of nutrition and meal planning.  The minimum age to sign up is 13. Young children are not permitted. Spots are limited and sign-up is required.

Intermediate Community Class (Adult):
This is a continuation of the lessons learned from the beginner class, and also runs 6 weeks, 2 hours per session. We build on culinary nutrition principles learned during the beginner classes and focus on more advanced knife skills and cooking techniques. You must first complete the beginner class to participate. 

Family Cooking Classes:
In this class, parents and children (age 5+) will learn side-by-side how to cook healthier meals and snacks, how to cook together, how to prepare healthy foods inexpensively and MORE! Each session includes six (6) 2.25 hour classes, where you will get to prepare and eat your dinner together. 

Kids Cooking Class:
This six-week series for age 8-12 teaches kids how to eat the RAINBOW! Each two-hour session incorporates nutrition lessons, a hands-on cooking class where kids learn to make healthy snacks and meals, and a variety of fun activities! Some weeks will include a visit to our community garden partner SPROUT NOLA, physical activity or arts and crafts activities.  

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