Cooking Handouts

Baking Ingredient Replacements and Substitutions
Breakfast Basics
Beginner’s Guide to Fall Squashes
Building a Shopping List
Building Big Flavor
Buying and Cooking Seafood
Choosing & Storing Fruits and Vegetables
Cooking Abbreviations & Conversions
How To Make Stock
Identifying Legumes
Knife Skills 101
Make Your Own Dressing
Make Your Own Smoothie
Oils and Fats
Pantry Essentials
Popular Spice Blends
Purchasing and Preparing Meat
Safe Food Practices


Health & Diet Handouts

BMI and Caloric Needs Chart
Complementary Proteins
Energy Density vs. Nutrient Density
Fad Diets
Fats Types and Tips
Fill up on Fiber
Food Allergies
Go For Whole Grains
Make a Healthy Day
Mediterranean Diet Chart
Mercury in Fish
Mindful Eating
Portion Size Guide
Rethink Your Drink
Smart Snacking
Southern Louisiana Local Produce Calendar
Thinking of Starting a Diet?
Understanding A Nutrition Label
Understanding A Nutrition Label – Total Carbs
Understanding The DASH diet
Vegetarian Diets Overview

Condition & Disease-Specific Handouts

AIDS Healthy Diet
Bariatric Surgery Handout
Bone Health Handout
Cancer Prevention with Fruits and Vegetables
Celiac Disease
Colorectal Cancer Prevention
Congestive Heart Failure Management
Diabetes Plate Method
GERD Reduction
Eating for GERD
Geriatric Diet
Gestational Diabetes
IBD Handout
Nutrition During Cancer Treatment
PKU Diet Plan
PKU Food Diary
PKU Friendly Products
PKU Vegan Gluten-Free Items