4th Year Teaching Kitchen Rotation

Who: 4th-year medical students from Tulane and visiting schools

Time: 4 weeks minimum commitment, offered year-round

Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine rotations allow students to build a base knowledge of culinary medicine to better communicate nutrition principles and education to patients and the community. Students will be required to complete core culinary medicine online modules, present a lunchtime nutrition-focused research project, and may be involved with a curriculum building/editing project during their rotation.

Students will also help lead nutrition education during hands-on cooking classes for medical students, healthcare professionals, and community members. These classes cover culinary medicine and nutrition concepts, meal planning principles, and basic culinary techniques. You will learn by leading. The rotation includes an introduction to the kitchen environment including knife skills, safety, and sanitation.

Students are required to complete a brief research project on a current nutrition trend or topic of interest to be delivered as a lunchtime presentation. Students may also be assigned a curriculum and material development project utilizing culinary medicine principles which may include researching specific topics and developing content for new or current modules.

This rotation may include delivering presentations and outreach materials, both on and off-site. This rotation will have you working in an interdisciplinary team alongside physicians, dietitians, chefs, medical students, and other public health students and professionals.

Cooking class duties include leading nutrition education discussions, preparing materials, set up and clean-up of classes; kitchen space sanitation and organization, and case study discussions and presentations for a variety of audiences. Hours will include evenings and weekends and will require a flexible schedule. Students should expect to spend 30-40 hours a week in the kitchen during the rotation with some additional work-from-home time spent completing online modules and projects.

Visiting students looking for an away rotation at the Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine should apply through VSLO after April 1st and use course number: MED4412.

For more information or to register for this elective, please contact Chef Heather Nace: hnace@tulane.edu