Student Info

There are a variety of ways for Tulane students to get involved with the GCCM teaching kitchen!

Tulane first and second-year medical students will complete several culinary medicine modules as part of their Foundations in Medicine curriculum. They also have the opportunity to complete an elective class series. We offer a stand-alone elective series that features condition and disease-specific modules, ensuring students are exposed to a wealth of culinary medicine concepts. We also offer a community hybrid elective where students can get practice counseling patients in our community cooking classes. First-year students may also serve on the Teaching Kitchen Board to get more involved in leadership activities. All Tulane medical students can volunteer with us and get credit for their service-learning hour requirement.

Fourth-year medical students can participate in classes as part of the Interdisciplinary Seminar Series program throughout the year as well as complete a month-long rotation at the teaching kitchen. They can also complete a month-long rotation studying culinary nutrition at our partner institution, Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI.

Undergraduate and graduate students at Tulane can get involved through volunteering with us for their service-learning and public service hours. Undergraduate students can also participate in an internship with the GCCM teaching kitchen through the Center for Public Service.